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SOARING is a group coaching program developed in partnership with Strengths2Soar™ and FAITH2SOAR™ that encourages you to live, love, and lead more like Jesus in God’s strength, design, and destiny for your life. You will learn to discover your strengths by taking the Clifton Strengths® Assessment and what it means to be resilient in God’s strength. Books included for reference and discovery: Resilience God Style; Resilient: Restoring Your Weary Soul in These Turbulent Times; Now, Discover Your Strengths.

The SOARING Program is planned to launch by late summer 2023. In the meantime, check out our other services and look out for updates on the launch date. Our first Group Coaching event will include 6-8 people and will occur over a 24 week (6 month) period. If you are interested in registering, please send Dr. J an email and request consideration to join the first SOARING Group.

Seek Opportunities to Achieve Resilience IN God

Through Strenghts2Soar™, a blend of coaching and training, learn to Seek Opportunities to Achieve Resilience in God. In a small group setting, you will share and learn what it means to bounce back from life’s lessons and spring forward in God's strength. You will also explore how to guard your heart and mind while serving your family, community, country, and the world through God’s strength and your God-given strengths.

This program is open to all adult men. Whether you are seeking faith or strengthening your faith, this program is for you.

Learn from the past, and focus on the present. Acknowledge that you were created uniquely and are one-of-a-kind. Learn to not allow your emotions to lead you into deeper trouble. Invite God to lead and protect you in achieving resilience, perseverance, and fruitfulness at work, home, and play.

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Resilience: re·sil·ience
An ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

We want to be a supportive resource to help you discover your strengths and SOAR-IN-God’s strength, not a connection or an obstacle between you and God.


Resilience originates in our hearts. The harder the heart becomes, with little to no elasticity or flexibility to help us change our plans or the steps we take, we are limited in our ability to adjust the way we feel, think, and act.


When we take control and solely rely on our understanding or ability, we shut out God. When this happens, we lead our hearts and minds, our families, our teams, and our communities on unguided, unguarded, and unprotected journeys.

As the source of our strategies, whether good or bad, our hearts plan, make commitments, and contemplate through “self-talk” the decisions we make. Likewise, how to adjust to life’s difficulties and changes.

When our hearts harden, we are limited in our ability to adjust easily or move in a new direction, a direction that is led by God, through His wisdom, and other essential influences of our faith.


So rather than destructively gripping and limiting our hearts and minds ability to adjust and change direction, what would happen if we directed our hearts and minds toward God?


How much better would we think, talk, and act if we bounced our desires and plans off Him first, rather than our selfish, hardened walls of sin?

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Presented by Dr. Josh Creson

A Brief Bio of Dr. J:


  • CliftonStrengths assessment results:

    • Top Five Strengths- Developer, Intellection, Input, Maximizer, and Learner 

    • Lead with Strategic Thinking Theme

  • Strengths Champion Certified Coach®

  • Life & Leadership Coach Trained (PCCI)

  • Resilience Coach Trained (ICCI)

  • Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Regent University

  • MS Human Resource Management, Strayer University

  • MA Executive Management and Leadership, Liberty University                 

  • U.S. Army Veteran and Entrepreneur                                           

  • Layman with a heart for Jesus and serving others

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